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Experienced Consulting Services for

Substance Use Disorders Counselors and Treatment Programs 



Mr. Maddox has specialized in the treatment of Substance Use and 

Co-Occurring Disorders since 1989. 

Mr. Maddox has been trained in the provision of Critical Incident Stress Management Counseling to traumatized 1st Responders, Survivors of Suicide and anyone whose coping strategies are overwhelmed by stressful events.


Mr. Maddox conducts 

Bio-Psycho-Social Assessments utilizing diagnostic criteria defined in the DSM-5 by the American Psychiatric Association.

Mr. Maddox has also provided many 2nd opinion assessments when an individual believes a prior assessment to have yielded inaccurate results.

Court Services

Whether making treatment recommendations or testifying as an expert witness, Mr. Maddox has declared as an expert in 

Substance Use Disorders (SUDs), SUDs Treatment, Addictive Behaviors, Criminal Justice Reform and Substance Abuse Trends in multiple jurisdictions throughout GA, but also in AL, FL, KY, MI, NY, NC, OH, PA, SC, TN, VA and several United States District Courts. 

Training & Education

Mr. Maddox offers over 180 Contact Hours in over 30 different topics related to the provision of treatment for Substance Use Disorders.

These Contact Hours can be used for initial application for certification or for Continuing Education.

Clinical Supervision

Mr. Maddox provides required  Clinical Supervision for certification as a Substance Use Disorders Professional in Georgia. 

Clinical Supervision is provided in both individual and group settings. Ongoing Clinical Supervision is provided to assist the counselor with clinical issues, ethic/legal dilemmas, professional growth & development.

Program Consultation

 Mr. Maddox provides consultation services to Substance Use Disorders Treatment Programs regarding Program Development, 

Policies & Procedures, 

Advocacy for ADA & FHA Violations, Licensure/Accreditation Services: including Application, Mock Surveys, Develop & Implement Plans of Correction, Quality Assurance, etc.